5 best body pillow for back pain | 4 Benefits for Using

It takes two or three nights of restless sleep because of back pain, ruptured discs, sciatica, and other sleep disorders for you to realize that you need to do something. Most times, all it takes to get your beauty sleep finally is get the best body pillow for back pain.  

What is a body pillow, you ask? It is an oversized pillow whose design allows for extra comfort and keeps the spine aligned all night long as you sleep. A body pillow molds itself to the body keeps the back straight and prevents you from sleeping on the stomach, which could aggravate back pain even more. 

In this post, we focus on everything that has to do with body pillows, and at the end, we offer you our pick for the best body pillow for back pain.

Value Section

First things first, there is an overwhelming choice of body pillows in the market today. There are several variations when it comes to the shape, price, and even the materials used. So, how do you choose the best? 

Here are some important considerations:

  • The Size

The size of some pillows allows them to support only specific body parts. The best body pillow should be long enough to support the entire length of the body. However, remember that the longer the pillow, the more the expenses that you will incur. 

  • Type of Filling

The filling used in the body pillow determines how firm the pillow is expected to remain after years of use. The filling also determines the comfort, ease of cleaning, air circulation, and if it causes allergic reactions. 

When it comes to air flow, pure cotton and other synthetic materials work very well, and they remain cool during use. On the other hand, a memory foam pillow is not very good at air circulation. 

  • The design and shape

Body pillow comes in different forms: straight, J-shaped, U-shaped, and C-shaped. Each shape has its unique benefits. Your sleeping habits mostly determine the preference. 

Straight or U-shaped body pillows are best for who roll and move around while sleeping. U-shaped pillows offer the much needed full body support. However, they take up much of your bed space. C-shaped and J-shaped pillows are best for individuals who want to lie in the same position all night. 

  • Your sleeping position

Before choosing a body pillow, it is crucial that you understand how you sleep. For back-sleepers, thinner pillows are the best options as they will keep your head protected and well secured. 

For a side-sleeper, a firm pillow will be great as it covers the space between the ear and the shoulders. For those who prefer lying on the stomach, then choose a very flat and thin pillow which will reduce the issues of back pain. 

Here are our five best body pillow for back pain at a glance:


    Product Image
    Product Name

Fusion Fiber
9.6 Pounds

Shredded  Memory Foam
5.5 Pounds

Wedge Shaped
High-quality Foam
3 Pounds

High-quality Polyester
7 Pounds

Fusion Fiber
9.6 Pounds

Benefits of Using Body Pillow for Back Pain

  1. The best body pillows are long enough to support the entire length of your body. It encourages side sleeping, which is the best sleeping position for individuals with back pain. Use it between your knees to keep your spine aligned and relieve the pain caused by herniated discs and sciatica all night long.
  2. Alignment of the spine allows for muscle relaxation, better breathing, and improved blood circulation throughout the night.
  3. A body pillow assists you to sleep in the best posture for maximum comfort while alleviating pains and aches. 
  4. A body pillow is the only solution for back pain during pregnancy because you cannot take any medication then.

Things to look for in the Best Body Pillow for Back Pain

  1. The best body pillow for back pain should offer all the needed support for the body. It should be robust and firm enough to take all your weight without losing its shape. 
  2. A body pillow also needs to be versatile for use in multiple positions and applications. It is perfect for people with back pain, pregnant women, and others with various sleeping problems.
  3. Also, go for a body pillow that will offer you service for as long as you wish. Long term usage provides positive value for your money. 
  4. Always look out for the make of the pillow. This factor is key to determining the quality and comfort provided. Natural fabric offers lots of comforts, which you cannot find in synthetic material. Also, it is advisable to go for natural stuffing as they allow for better air circulation compared to artificial ones. 
  5. Is the body pillow washable? Small and medium sized body pillows have an attached cover, and they can be easily machine washed. However, some pillows are too large and might not fit in a washer. For such, always ensure that the pillow cover is removable and easy to clean. 
  6. Finally, the cost of the body pillow is another important factor to consider. Even as you look the cheapest pillow, remember that quality also matters. Therefore, you might want to decide on the features you need then look for the best deals available.

Best way to use a Body Pillow

A body pillow is very versatile, and you can use it in many ways depending on your sleeping style. If you love sleeping on your back, then the best way to use your body pillow is by hugging it just like you would a teddy bear. Let the top of the pillow lie on your shoulder as you curl your arm around it as if you were cuddling with someone. U-shaped pillows can work best for a back-sleeper. 

The largest percentages of people are side-sleepers. For maximum use of your body pillow as a side-sleeper, you might want to slip the top part of the pillow under your head to offer total support for the neck. You can wrap your hands and legs around the rest of the pillow for added comfort. 

If you move a lot while sleeping, you might want to get a straight or a U-shaped pillow. Such pillows will move with you as you shift your body position. 



The main issue is surrounding the use of body pillows, ha to be cleanliness and hygiene. It is recommendable that the pillow case is cleaned at least once per week. For this reason, you might want to have an extra case which you will use as you clean the other one. For body pillows that come with an attached pillowcase, ensure that you go for a size that can easily fit into a machine washer for easy maintenance.


#1. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

                                   Total Body Support Pillow

Just like the name, the Comfort-U Pillow has a U shape which is excellent because it eliminates the need to keep moving a huge pillow when rolling over. Whether you wish to curl around, lie on your side, or switch positions, the Comfort-U Pillow is there to keep your spine aligned at all time.

Comfort-U is an oversize total body support pillow. It is large enough to allow the user to stretch out while offering support on both sides entirely. It is, therefore, the best pillow to prevent tossing and turning during sleep. The entire body stays aligned the whole night, which facilitates a restful sleep. 

Comfort-U is a back cushion perfect for expectant mothers and people suffering from sleep apnea, migraines, or flu.

Pros & Cons

  • This pillow contains a fusion fiber filling which allows for free air flow to prevent overheating.
  • The fusion fiber also makes Comfort U fluffy, soft, and completely hypoallergenic, for the ultimate comfort of the user.
  • The material prevents flattening, lumping, or clumping of the pillow for the most restful sleep.
  • Also, Comfort-U pillow is easy to maintain. Because the Fusion Fiber is designed to withstand very high temperatures when washing, the pillow dries very fast compared to regular pillows.
  • The Comfort-U Pillow is colossal, and it only works well with a king size bed. When used with a queen size bed, the pillow could result in some overcrowding, especially for shared beds.


#2. The Snuggle Total Body Pillow

Total Body Pillow

Snuggle is an L-shaped pillow designed with quality materials that remain firm, and offer the much-needed support that the user needs while sleeping. It is longer than an ordinary body pillow to support the entire body.

We loved this total body pillow especially because it is customizable for maximum comfort. It contains shredded memory foam, which the user can either choose to concentrate on a particular section for more support or spread out evenly throughout the pillow. 

Besides, the memory foam takes up the shape of your head to support the neck when sleeping. You will love the versatility of this pillow as it can also be used as a maternity pillow to support the belly of an expectant mother.

Pros & Cons

  • Snuggle body pillow has a non-removable outer case. It is, therefore, machine washable for easier maintenance.
  • The shredded memory foam interior facilitates proper ventilation which prevents overheating and prevents allergic reactions.
  • Some users may feel that the memory foam filling is too firm and thick, and it takes a long time to break it in.


#3. The Angle PillowBest pillow for back pain

Best Pillow For Back Pain

“The Angle” is an excellent pillow whose design is an inspiration from latest medical knowledge and technology. 

The shape of the pillow also allows use as a pillow for hip pain. It helps diminish hip and back pain while supporting the structure of the spine and lessening the pressure exerted on muscles. The Angle is perfect for individuals suffering from lower-back issues like a hernia, muscles spasms, fatigue, stress, and tension. 

You will have to experience this lumbar alignment device personally for you actually to appreciate its therapeutic value. The Angle pillow offers several benefits including positioning the legs at the proper angle, supporting the spine to reduce the pressure exerted on discs and muscles, to ease aching muscles, and improve circulation. All these benefits aim towards providing the ultimate rest and comfort while sleeping. 

The pillow is designed using environmentally safe and high-quality foam enclosed in a hypoallergenic, washable cotton cover. 

Pros & Cons

  • The Angle Pillow provides passive traction and a neutral positioning of the lumbar region, and this reduces the pressure and stress on the muscles in the lumbar region.
  • This pillow is very versatile, and it can be used in multiple positions to offer several types of upper body elevations and traction.
  • The main issue about the Angle Pillow has to be the sizing. It is available in large and small, with no medium sizes. Getting the wrong size could be a cause of more harm than good as this could cut off circulation.


#4. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Memory Foam Body Pillow

Best Memory Foam Body Pillow


Leachco Back ‘N Body Pillow has unique features aimed at offering maximum support comfort compared to your normal pillow. 

This pillow contains memory foam, which allows it to provide rigid and adequate support. As such, you can use Leachco Pillow throughout the pregnancy period and much later without losing the original firmness or shape.

High-quality, warm, and cozy polyester make this pillow, and it is phthalates, BPA, lead and latex free. It is, therefore, totally safe for human use. 

The memory foam body pillow provides maximum front and back support while keeping the knees elevated. It especially comes in handy during the second and third pregnancy trimester when a lot of pressure exerts on the spine. 

Leachco Pillow is long and U-shaped, which makes it the perfect pregnancy body pillow. The distinctive shape allows this pillow to offer support wherever you need it. The pillow has a soft cover which is hypoallergenic, and it is removable for easy cleaning. 

The pillow is ideal for pregnant women, but it also works very well for people who have sleeping difficulties. It is also a great nursing pillow.

Pros & Cons

  • Leachco Pillow memory foam body pillow has a contoured shape that provides maximum comfort and versatility as needed. The shape allows you to use the pillow on either side and it eliminates the need to readjust pillows when turning over.
  • One thing that we did not like about this pillow is the inner seam which could cause discomfort to the neck and shoulders when sleeping. The good thing is that you can use a different pillow cover to reduce the seam impression.


#5. Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)

Best Body Support Pillow
                            Best Body Support Pillow

There are several body pillows available in the market today. However, the Comfort-U Body Pillow is a go-to, especially during pregnancy.

This unique pillow stands out mainly because of the U-shape design. Therefore, the pillow not only provides support for the spine area, but it also inclines the knees and ankles to support the pelvis and belly too. It acts as a cushion for back pain. How great is it to have a pillow that provides total support for the entire body. 

The Comfort-U Body Pillow has a length of 11 feet when extended, while each leg is 10.5” wide and five and a half feet long when the pillow folded in half. For this reason, Comfort-U Pillow provides the much-needed support and comfort for the front and back for a restful sleep. 

Also, Connect-U Pillow contains unique Fusion Fiberfill which ensures a soft and totally hypoallergenic pillow. The pillow cover is removable and easy to clean.

Pros & Cons

  • The Connect-U Body Pillow has an attached cover which makes it machine washable.
  • You can adjust the pillow to different sleeping positions easily.
  • The pillow is great because it offers full support for the entire body.
  • We noticed that the pillow cover is not of superb quality, and it starts peeling off with time.



Of the five body pillows, our top pick was the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow. This pillow is extra-large, and it has a U shape, which goes a long way towards ensuring maximum comfort. It works very well for anyone of whichever size. Besides, the pillow uses durable and comfortable materials which help the material to maintain its shape even after years of use. We rated this as the best body pillow for back pain because it offers sufficient support and comfort, especially for side sleepers. 

It is crucial that you go for the body pillow that works well for your case. Just because a pillow works well for someone else does not mean that it is the best for you. For this reason, always look at the features that the pillow has to offer before making a choice. The key to getting the best body pillow for back pain is going for one that is in line with your needs, and not just the one that is recommendable. All the best!


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